We all know how helpful some gadgets can be when we’re traveling for hours. Here is a list of gadgets that might be helpful when you’re traveling or just out for a day.

1 A Battery Case For Your Phone

if you´re travelling or just out for the day, a battery case can really save your „life“. For an iPhone is the Apple Battery Case amazing choose. It´s
really worth it. You can get one here.


2. A Good set of Headphones

For the moments when you’re waiting for your Bus/Flight Headphones might be very helpful.
This one are very good if you want to chill out with some music in your ears while not disturbing anyone else.
Satechi’s Aluminium Headphone are not that expensive and always a good option.
You can get them here



3. A portable Battery Charger

As much as battery case, so the portable battery charger can rescue you. 
 You always have two options or even more. If you’re after a small charger then the:
Anker PowerCore+ Mini is excellent. 
But if you travel a lot then you should think about the bigger one: RAVPower Portable Charger which comes with 26800mAH battery.




3 A good, quality Camera

We all know that the Smartphone Cameras are getting bette, better and better, but there is nothing wrong to have a quality camera with you. My choice would always be the Panasonic GM1, very small quality, Micro Four Thirds camera. You Cant be wrong with it!
You can get buy one here


4. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker

But, if you’re going on a beach vacation or just vacation. Bluetooth speaker might be a good idea. If you’re gonna be in or near Water ( Pool, Beach) then it’s a good idea to bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker along. It is good because you can listen to the music without worrying about it getting destroyed if a big wave comes or it gets left in the rain. In our opinion the JBL’s Flip 4 is the best option. It is small enough to fit in a carry on bag in transit, and a beach bag. You can’t go wrong with this one. You can get one here!



5. A Book?

Oh yeah a book is always a good idea for a long travel!
In our opinion there are a lot of book worth to read but one for a long ride that we definitely recommend is „Steve Jobs“. Amazing book! Very inspirational! You can’t learn a lot from it even if you’re not an apple fan. There is something magical inside. Just trust us!
buy one here!





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