Dwinanda Nurhanif Mujito (@dwinandanm)

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Tell us something about you…

Let me introduce my self first, my name is Dwinanda Nurhanif Mujito, I come from Indonesia, and I live in Bandung, West Java. I love to explore the beautiful nature of Indonesia, exactly one of them is the waterfalls, I really love waterfalls as you can see in my Instagram gallery. I always wanted to explore more hidden waterfalls from around the world.

How would you describe your photography style?

I would say my style of photography is like scenery and wonderful photography that include people in it with the landscape as the background

How’d you get into Photography?

I got my photography experience with the legendary Canon EOS 550D as my first camera. After more than 3 years experience using and exploring with the legendary one, i use Sony a6000 now to upgrade my photography quality.

Your favorite image? The story behind it?

Yes, I do have a photo that has a story in it. This photo was photographed while I was camping at Gunung Putri, Lembang, Bandung. At that time, Bandung was in an unpredictable weather. Rain pouring heavily in the afternoon and gloomy night with some drizzle makes me feel pessimistic about not getting any sunrise the next morning. Not as my expectation, the morning was so bright, the sun came out behind the hills and shine on the trees and lakes accompanied by morning mist. I got a lesson from that, Nature really is unpredictable, but when you think something beautiful about it then it will give its beauty without hesitation.

Place you would love to travel to?

Maldives and Iceland, I want to enjoy the beach at the Maldive Island and exploring every waterfall in Iceland.

Do you have any specific goals for your Photography?

I want to have more skill and knowledge in photography because you can’t buy them.

Your Goal for 2018?

Making more creative content to inspiring people around the world. – Dwinanda Nurhanif Mujito (@dwinandanm) You can see more of Dwinanda Nurhanif Mujito Gallery here below or you can hit to his Instagram here.


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