Kasia (@kajdaserio)

Tell us something about you…

My name is Kasia, but all my friends call me Kajda. I am from Poland, currently living in Germany, but already thinking about my next destination – for sure a warmer place with palm trees over my head. I am a big dreamer, who gets inspired by almost everything and has a thousand ideas every minute. Right now, I am preparing myself for the next trip and working on my new photo website – www.kajdaserio.com

How would you describe your photography style?

I would say my travel pictures go into a direction of documentary photography with a strong individual perspective. For example, I love to take photos of my feet stepping on the new ground or of mirror reflections that still capture me as a part of a landscape.

How’d you get into Photography?

I got my first Fuji camera for my 18th birthday (a big thing in Poland) and I immediately fell in love. I remember going to London and looking at the city only through my new camera’s eye. Now, I have a bit more professional equipment, but I cannot imagine traveling somewhere even without a small mobile camera. I never went to any artistic school, I am a self taught, although I believe that 90% of my skills is just my intuition.

Your favorite image? The story behind it?

I would like to tell you a story behind this picture.

This happened in Bagan, Myanmar on the last day of my trip to Asia. After traveling through Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, we were supposed to finally go home. I must say this moment was a bit heart-breaking, because we loved every single moment of our travel. No surprise that the end of it got a little emotional (lots of sighs and wet eyes). My friend and I decided to spend our last day in Bagan, just hanging out in this little town, spending time with local people, having our last meal (favorite tomato and green tea leaves salad) and simply enjoying last moments of this great traveling experience. We were walking through the temple when one girl came and asked us to have a photo together. It turned out that she is a part of a school trip, so quickly after, we became a full-time models, posing with each and every child from the group. Everyone was sweet, cheerful and seemed to enjoy it. To keep this memory, I asked for a picture too. Whole group was very excited to stand in front of the camera and even the monk, who was passing by, got captured too. You can imagine my face, when I got to see this photo and all these beautiful smiley faces being.. not that smiley anymore. This moment was a bit awkward, but not as awkward as our discovery that we got to made two hours later. We were all packed, waiting for the bus and ready to go to the airport, when my friend asked.. „by the way – what day is today again?” and the answer caused a cold sweat shower and almost a heart attack, as we realized.. we confused the dates and that this is not out last day in Asia! Luckily, it turned out that we had one spare day (and not the other way round!), so we could have our SECOND-last day in Yangon… and yes, we finally made it home 🙂 As we like to say in Poland: The happy know no hours!

Place you would love to travel to?

Where do you want to go? This question in my case is both easy and difficult. EVERYWHERE! But my next dream destination is Madeira 🙂 If I could choose I would like to take there Sigma art 35mm, so I could capture beauty of landscape and people.


Do you have any specific goals for your Photography?

Of course it would be great to become this famous travel photographer, who goes places, meets all these beautiful people and is lucky to be the one published in National Geographic. But in the end, I would just like to keep all my photos and turn them into a one big travel journal, so one day when I am old, I can look at it and feel grateful for what I got to see.


– Kasia(@kajdaserio)




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