Photographer shoots LA and NYC from Birds eye view

We all probably used google maps and navigation systems more than once. So we could think a birds-eye view isn’t anything special or something extraordinary for us anymore, but this gallery made by photographer Jeffrey Milstein who has shot sights around the metropolises L.A. and New York – out of the helicopter makes still a lot of fun. Even if we have google earth these days it makes a lot of fun to take a look at this places from this view and this high quality.

If you like Jeffrey Milstein gallery you can buy his book „LANY – Aerial Photography of Los Angeles and New York“. There are a lot of more images that show Los Angeles („LA“) and New York („NY“) from a bird’s eye view and flatten the cities with their radical top view to colorful patterns and structures, patchwork of street, roofs, treetops, of nature and civilization, from colors and shapes.

You can buy his book here: LA NY by Jeffrey Milstein

Grand Central Station, NY
Beach, LA
Century City, LA
Long Beach Shoreline Marina, Long Beach, LA
9:11 Memorial and One World Trade Center, NY
Century and Harbor Freeway Interchange, LA
American Museum of Natural History, NY
Times Square, NY
Carson, Los Angeles
Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island




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