Global climate changes, rising sea level, earthquakes there are a lot of reasons, we should fear the future. But there are already places that may be gone within 100 years or even sooner. So if you want to travel than do it as soon as possible:

Places that may be gone in our Lifetime:

San Francisco

The US Geologie Survey (USGS) estimates that there’s a 72 percent chance a dangerous quake might shake the area in the next 30 years; the earthquake could the most powerful ever.

Congo Basin

The Congo Basin Rainforest is located in the central and western part of equatorial Africa. It is the world’s second largest rainforest.  China, Europe, and the US are importing vast quantities of wood products from the forests of Gabon and Cameroon. These are powerful incentives for the continued extraction of wood from the Congo Basin forests. Activities such as illegal hunting have direct impacts on forests and wildlife. The UN says that 2/3 of the Congo Basin will be gone till 2040.


The beautiful Seychelles Islands are a group of 115 breathtaking islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Kenya. Unfortunately, the islands might soon be gone. Climate changes related to problems such rising sea levels are resulting in devastating coral die off.
This is the cause why Seychelles Islands are sinking and will soon disappear underwater.


Great Wall of China

One of the most remarkable ancient structures on our planet and symbol of China.The Great Wall of China may soon be gone over 30 percent of the ancient structure has already disappeared. How long will the Great Wall of China survive? Only time can tell.



The highest point on South Tarawa, the capital island of Kiribati, may be gone forever because of the rising sea levels caused by climate change



Located in northeastern Italy, Venice is Italy’s most romantic city. Standing just barely above the water line, it consists of 177 islands and over 400 bridges that cross its 150+ canals connect the city But Venice may disappear within 100 years. The land is sinking because of global climate change, the sea rising.



The beautiful islands of Maldives may be gone If the trend of sea rising levels continues, the Maldives will be completely submerged in 30 years.

“We can still act and it won’t be too late“ – Barack Obama 






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