Tell us something about you…

Hey, so my name is Rob Potter, I’m from Bristol UK & I’m a videographer/photographer, and still very much trying to make a living out of that.

How would you describe your photography style?

A huge amount of what I do is in the final edit, as I don’t usually get excited about working on an image unless I can let my imagination run away with it. I think I thrive on the outlandish because, quite simply, it’s just more fun to make.

How’d you get into photography? Are you formally taught or self-taught?

I’m pretty much entirely self-taught when it comes to photography. I came from a background of working on narrative films & there were times where I’d halt the video because I’d realise that that one frozen moment could be more visceral than an entire scene. For me, it’s about squashing an entire narrative into a single frame, and I feel I’ve learned how to use my camera & software around that, as opposed to towards it.

Do you have a favorite image or experience? If so, can you tell us the backstory?

wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite image, but it’s one which holds more meaning to me than intended. I took some photos of this seemingly endless road around Dartmoor over a year ago & it was taken at a time in which soon after things started getting a little tough. Retrospectively it seems like that time was the reason I started doing this in the first place & I think that it’s sort of important to not forget about why.

Tell me about a place you would love to travel to. Tell us something about this place. Why would you go there?

I would love to travel across America, it has a rich film & musical history which I always imagine has shaped a lot of the cities over there. That, combined with the vast array of landscape, seems like a bit of a photographers dream right?

Do you have any specific goals for your photography?

I don’t have specific goals for my photography, because I never really know what’s going to happen next. But I’d certainly like to travel with it more & also work a lot more in the music scene.

Your Goals for 2018?

In a general sense, my goal for 2018 is to keep building myself up to a point where people want me to do my thing for them on a professional level. That & to wear braver shirts because I so reckon I could pull off floral.

– Rob

You can see more of Rob Gallery here below or you can hit to his Instagram here.




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