Last week we posted an amazing video on our Instagram. Now we want that you can have a much deeper look at the artist behind this video. We talked to him and asked him what inspires him to travel the world and why he did record his video. So here we go…

So could you tell us something about you and the story behind your video?

My name is Rhali, I am studying Finance and it’s my last year at University. Lately, I felt that I wasn’t meant to work in the field that I studied in. I wanted something else, to live my dream. I always loved traveling, but I have never made something out of it. Filmmaking was really the thing that I fell in love with. As you can tell your story, and take the viewers on a virtual trip. So I decided one year ago, to go back to Indonesia, a country I fell in love with.I wanted to step away from my daily routine. And this trip changed the way I look at life forever. From that time there, I knew I had to pursue my dreams: traveling the world and making a living out of it.I hope I can inspire other people with my video!

Here you can enjoy @followmypath


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