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Wake Up Early, Stay out Late

I think everyone has heard this phrase: The early bird gets the worm. Nothing great ever comes easy. If you realy want stunning photos and also some pretty lighting make sure to wake up early to beat the tourist. If you’re going to a hot spot like Chichen Itza, the Brooklyn Bridge, Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower — just get there early right when it opens and you’ll pretty much have the place to yourself!

Have Patience

Patience is the key to capturing unforgettable photos of popular sites, landmarks or destinantions. Have the patience to get the right shot angle because it will pay off! The more patience you have, the better your travel photography will turn out in the long run.

Research your location

Research a little bit ahead of time so you know some of the places you want to check out around your destination. Use Printrest, Instagram, Goolge or just asking friends and family for recommendations.

Rule of Thirds

One of the most basic and classic of photography tips, using the Rule of Thirds will help you create more balanced compositions. When in doubt, make sure you’re using the rule of thirds to set up your photo. 

Experiment with Composition

You can almost always come up with a better photo composition after some experimentation. But try laying on the ground for a low angle or maybe climb up something and shoot form a higher angle. Play around with the composition of your photo. Put the subject in the middle, on the side, at the top, etc. See what works with different angles!


Never Stop Learning! As with any skill, the more you keep at it, the faster you’ll improve. Invest in a travel photography workshop. Go out and practice on a regular basis. Practice taking photos as much as you can! You’ll eventually start to learn and see what works vs. what doesn’t. And don’t get hard on yourself at first–the skill will develop the more you work on it!

Always Have Backup

The worst thing that could happen for your photography is getting stuck with a dead battery, lost photos, or a full memory card. ALWAYS bring these things with you when you travel:

  • Extra Power or Charging Cords
  • Extra Charges
  • Extra Batteries
  • An External Hard Drive
  • Extra Memory Cards

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