Tell us something about you….

Chris and I met in Cambodia and it was literally love at first sight, we were trying to reach the same goals, and deciding to continue to reach them but together as we were completing each other. 

do you have any specific goals for your videography/photography?

Our main goal is to create high quality content, something eye-catching and always more creative. Chris is working very hard to improve his skills and learn new techniques everyday. 

how would you describe your style?

The style of the content we produce is depending on the mood and the place we visit, but mostly on the platform that is going to be showcased on. We know how to adapt our style to clients needs. 

what advice would you give for finding your personal style?

Shot, Shot, Shot, and shot a little bit more. The more you try the more you will know what you like.

do you feel pressure?

We do feel a lot of competition but not pressure. It’s more about creating real connection now day.

do you have a favorite photo? What’s your favorite shot a project which meant a lot to you?

Christian’s favorite photo is the one he took at the lighthouse of Costa da Morte. He had been planning this shooting for days and he spent hours shooting to get this final image. 

My favorite photo might be the one we took in Australia, I was very proud of all the content we have created during our van trip. 

who is the most inspiring person /artist you know and why?

Our favorite artist is Evan Ranft. He is an artist who portrait and showcased what he likes without being influenced by the trend, he takes you to bis own world with passion and talent. 

goals for 2019?

Opening our own media company and get connection, working with new projects with our futur clients.

Your favourite place you always love to travel to? Place you would love to live one day?

The place we both loved was Philippines, one month there was clearly not enough, we have to go back as soon as possible ! 

We would love to make our way to French Polynesia and Japan, those are the two destinations that are high on our list. 

How would you describe your lifestyle?

We were travelling full time for two years are now we are back in Europe trying to stabilise ourselves to reach our 2019 goals.

Worst travel experience?

When we were traveling Australia in a van, unfortunately we had so mechanics issues, and we have been stuck in the humidity of Broome during 10days, it was so hot and humid, and we were literally stuck waiting for some parts that were coming from Melbourne.

You love to create content? How did you discover it?

I started to create content when i was working as a Community Manager and really enjoy to create posts that would make people react and interact with people, so it’s naturally that i started to create my own community while travelling to share my experience.

Chris has been taking photos pretty much all his life, he decided to do it in a professional way when he first travel south east asia, and it makes him realized that photography and videography was what makes him happy.

For how long are you creating content now?

Chris is creating content since 3 years

I really started to create my own content in 2017 with the opening of my instagram account.

What was the best that happened to you?

To meet each other. We share the same goals and it’s nice to be with someone that helps you to improve everyday. 

What does motivate to you to do what you do?

What motivate us to continue is the positive feed-back that we receive. 


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