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Tell us something about you…

We’re Daniel & Niki, a newly married couple who document our exciting travels on @wanderlustusblog and We’re from England and earlier this year we decided to leave the corporate 9 to 5 world to pursue travelling the real world full time for the next year. We couldn’t be more excited for the journey ahead of us!

Your favorite place on this planet?

Our favourite place on this planet (so far!) has to be Bali. We love the balance of enriched culture, stunning landscapes, delicious food and the friendliest people. We have visited Bali twice now and both trips were really different, there is always something new to uncover on this incredible island, a new adventure around every corner. We would love to live in Bali one day

Do you have any specific goals for your travel?

We have two main goals when traveling: to make the most amazing memories together around the globe that we can always fondly look back on in years to come and to share all of our experiences with our growing community of followers, to inspire them to travel more.

Place you would love to visit?

There are far too many destinations on our bucket list but here are a few of our top ones: Philippines, Iceland, Kenya and New York.

How would you describe your photography style?

Not so much our photography style but our goal when taking photos is to capture real moments in beautiful settings. We want to show our followers all the best bits of each of the countries we visit, to inspire them to continue building their own bucket lists.

Do you have a favorite image or experience? If so, can you tell us the backstory?

One of our favourite recent shots would have to be the sunrise shot taken over Bukit Selong rice fields in Lombok, only two weeks into our travels. We had to get up really early and with blurry eyes we jumped on our scooter for an hour and a half ride to the look out point. We ended up giving ourselves far too much time and arrived very early so we set up our camera and then just waited for the sun to rise. Sitting side by side, wrapped in our hoodies, we reflected on our travels so far. It was a perfect moment which led on to a great photo (one of our best performing yet!). Looking back at this photo reminds us of the true beauty of Lombok; the people, and our hearts and prayers go out to all the families who are in need at this desperate time.

You travel a lot, how many places did you visit in 2017?

In 2017 we visited Budapest, Amsterdam, Mykonos, Marrakech, Paris, and Ireland. We were still working 9 to 5 so we crammed as many places in as our annual leave from work would allow! It’s all about 2018 for us, this year is going to be incredible with all the countries we’ll be ticking off that list!

Worst travel experience?

In Marrakech we found ourselves in a compromising position; we were misled by a local who went on to demand money from us. It was a frightening experience, however, we learnt a lot from this and it has definitely helped us grow as travellers. That’s what travel is all about, the good and the bad, it’s all about learning and growing with each new place you visit.

Your goals for 2018?

2018 is the year of travel for us. Our goal is to take this amazing opportunity we have carved out for ourselves and cherish every single moment of it! 2018 is all about making incredible memories, growing as a newly married couple, ticking off an ever-growing bucket list and taking others on this incredible journey with us. BRING IT ON!

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