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Tell us something about you…

I’m Kehn Hermano but people usually call me Kehn or just Bro. I’m from San Jose, It’s part of the Bay Area in California and my day to day job is working for Instagram at their headquarters as a Content Analyst contractor but I also serve my country in the US Army. It’s been 10 years for me serving.

How would you describe your photography style?

If you just saw my profile, I think you’ll notice already the orange and teal theme from it. Well, it wasn’t very long ago that I’ve picked up that habit and stuck with it. I love saying I edit to a theme of orange and teal but the style is mostly street and landscape with some portraits here and there, definitely a dreamy or moody look most of the time.

How’d you get into Photography?

If you wondered when did I start, well I knew Photography back in high school when I was shooting the film during 2007. I started Photography again in 2016 November when a good friend and self-taught myself some more. Roel said it´s a good community and fun habit to be in when you travel.

Your favorite image? The story behind it?

My favorite image is the one where car lights came out of the Yosemite Tunnel View. It was a combination of nature, stars and light trails in one shot. Editing photos like that are easy to me and actually more fun to shoot it. I traveled with 2 friends who were from Texas and they needed one night to visit Yosemite after checking our Eclipse from Oregon, I helped him visit Yosemite before he had to fly home from San Francisco Airport.

Place you would love to travel to?

If I were to travel to a place with one lens, I would definitely go check out Japan with a Canon 16-35 mm f/2.8 || USM wide angle lens. I would definitely be traveling light with my Sony A7|| with that lens using the Metabones adapter and I would definitely catch so much street vibes or also landscape all over Japan. Filming would obviously make a story feel cinematic when I use that Canon 16-35 mm f/2.8 lens.

Do you have any specific goals for your Photography?

My goal in Photography is, of course, a hard one to tell, I definitely want to jump into weddings and business into portraits and product shots. My personal theme and style in Instagram are just how I edit for my personal taste and how I pour my emotions into an image while editing. I already have a site up at and that’s just for starters to see if I can turn into a freelance business.

-Kehn (@brotherkehn)


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