Marta (@wanderitphoto)

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Tell us something about you…

My name is Marta and I work with my boyfriend Michal on our brand Wanderitphoto. We’re both 26 and come from Poland, but temporarily live in United Kingdom.

Your favorite place on this planet?

This surely will be Bali! We love coming back to this beautiful Indonesian Island and it never fails to impress us. Next year we are planning to move there for the summer to work more on our brand and content creation. Our second favorite destination is Greece- we try to visit this wonderful country at least twice a year and explore new islands each time we go back. Number one is Santorini!

Do you have any specific goals for your travel?

Our biggest goal is to travel more! We never have enough.

Place you would love to visit?

Our bucket list is considerably long and there are so many places we are dying to see in near future! In September We’re visiting Seychelles and Kenya which we are really excited about. The ultimate dream destinations though are French Polineysia and Cook Islands. So happy to visit in 2019!

how would you best describe your photography style?

Our photos are edited in arty and vintage style. I try not to alter the reality too much and show the real beauty of the places we visit.

Do you have a favorite image or experience? If so, can you tell us the backstory?

Every photo you see on our Instagram or blog has a story behind and is special to us as we always make a huge effort to find the perfect locations and we are able to do a lot for a good shot! My favorite of all time will be the snap of me swinging over the jungle in Bali. I cannot even describe the emotions I felt that moment!

You travel a lot… how many places did you visit in 2017?

In 2017 we travelled to 15 countries, most of which visited for the first time!
You can see more of Martas Gallery here below or you can hit his Instagram here


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