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Tell us something about you…

I’m Uroš, 26 years old and I’m coming from Slovenia. I am permanently traveling with my girlfriend Lara and we are both content creators, known as @your_passage and @your_passport on Instagram.

Your favorite place on this planet?

Italy is the country I love visiting again and again.

Do you have any specific goals for your travel?

My goal is to set foot on all 7 continents one day.

Place you would love to visit?

Hawaii and French Polynesia.

How would you describe your photography style?

It’s a mixture of travel, nature and wildlife with a human touch. My goal is to inspire people with the photography I create, it is colorful, bold and celebrates the world. I’d describe my style darker and moody, but it changes from time to time, season and destinations.

Do you have a favorite image or experience? If so, can you tell us the backstory?

My absolute favorite image is the one from Cappadocia. It was the most magical sunrise we’ve ever witnessed, with hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky, delicious breakfast, two cute puppies and person I love most. An experience I could never forget and the photo doesn’t even come close to describe it!  

You travel a lot, how many places did you visit in 2017?

In 2017 we’ve made 14 trips and visited 11 different countries.

Worst travel experience?

Hong Kong 2018! Not the worst travel experience but definitely one we’ve learned much from! We hiked up the Suicide cliff and almost got ourselves killed as we took the wrong turn. We were never more horrified in our lives than this day. Once on top, we took this shot in 5 minutes and still shaking when we did. Never ever do our mistake and always DO get informed about the places you hike! 

Your goals for 2018?

Travel as much as possible, create an amazing content and have fun while doing it.
Don’t miss out on THEPERSPECTVE-related content straight to your emails: subscribe us here.
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