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Tell us something about you….

My name is Jack, I’m a 21-year-old photographer, videographer and drone pilot from the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. I’m currently getting close to wrapping up my 4 tedious but rewarding years studying digital design and marketing at Macquarie University here in Sydney, where I then plan on making photography and creative content into a full-time career.

do you have any specific goals for your videography/photography?

None really, apart from obviously to have this passion evolve and become a successful career over the years.

how would you describe your style?

I feel that the word „vibrant“ pretty aptly sums up my style at a first impression. But that doesn’t just bean that everything is just a saturated mess, all the colours in my images are worked and obsessed over quite strategically to a point where they help bring it all to life and give it a dynamic and three dimensional feel.

what advice would you give for finding your personal style?

Experimentation. A lot of my older work is all over the place in terms of colour and style, and that’s sort of the point. I’d say that after about a year of shooting and editing, I started to fall into more of a pattern that I felt at home with and proud to attach my name to.

do you feel pressure?

Yes and no. There is always the friendly competition and comparison to other photographer work, especially those tat I find myself looking up to, but to me this just creates more drive for me to refine and perfect my process more.

do you have a favorite photo? What’s your favorite shot a project which meant a lot to you?

I don’t have any overall favourite photos, but I have plenty that mean different things to me and marked milestones over the years. My trip to Japan last cherry blossom season was one of my favourite and most rewarding trips of recent memory.

who is the most inspiring person /artist you know and why?

Again, there’s no overall one person, I draw inspiration from a wide variety of individuals and industries. Within the photography game however, some of the big names like Jordan Hammond and Emmett Sparling for sure, to guys like Tim Phillipus and Tom Noske are always keeping me inspires, whether that be with places to travel, some creative editing choices and tricks or even their overall catalogue to keep me driven.

goals for 2020?

Just to keep growing as a photographer and creative professional to land more jobs and travel more (which is looking less and less likely with the global state as I’m writing this).

Your favourite place you always love to travel to? Place you would love to live one day?

Iceland has always held an almost ethereal place on top of my list of places to travel to, it just seems like one of those places that truly is like nowhere else on earth. Plus,the fact that if you time your trip right you an get almost a whole day of Golden Hour seems pretty insane too. As far as somewhere to more permanently set up camp for a while,I reckon that Japan would be pretty incredible if I ever leant to speak the language.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Usually I try to stay pretty busy with work and creative jobs and all that, but as of recent with the whole global pandemic thing and whatnot its been fairly stationary.

Worst travel experience?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a travel experience that is truly horrid, apart from the occasional being locked out of hotel rooms, flooded equipment and accidental formatting of SD cards its all been fairly smooth sailing I’d say. And I guess now that’s probably jinxing myself for a nightmare trip coming up now.

How long have you been creating content now?

I really started getting into photography and videography coming out of high school, when we went on a family trip to Canada and the US in late 2016. What started as a few happy snaps over there spiralled into a career path now which is pretty cool.

What does motivate to you to do what you do?

I guess that comes down to both a striving for self-improvement and constantly one-upping what I’ve done previously, and just the curiosity and itch for experiencing new locations and things.

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