I know we all love adventure, travel and our lifestyle, but now we are living in difficult times where we all should calm down, so it all ends as soon as possible. To help everyone during this period we made a full list of what to Watch, Listen to and Cook During Coronavirus-Quarantine!

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You’re struggling what kind of (TV) Shows you might watch on TV/Internet?

Here are some good series to watch now on Netflix

‘The Circle’ (2020-present),‘Medical Police’ (2020-present),‘The Office’ (2005-13),‘Nailed It!’ (2018-present),‘American Crime Story’ (2016-present),‘Stranger Things’ (2016-present),‚Elite'(2018-present)

“Stranger Things“

What about movie?

that’s might be a difficult question! Here are some best movies to stream on Netflix:

‚Marriage Story‚,‘The Dark Knight’ (2008),‘The Witch’ (2016),‘Room’ (2015),‘Private Life’ (2018), “The Irishman” (what better time to watch this three-hour-plus film) and “Marriage Story,” on Netflix.

‘Moonlight’ (2016) The 2017 Academy Award winner for best picture, this triptych about a young, gay African-American man’s coming of age in Miami is a quietly revelatory piece of work, exploring and challenging modern perceptions of masculinity, family, power and love.


You might even ask yourself: What podcast should I listen to?

Below is a list of audio-only content we recommend!

You miss sport so much? Here are some sport podcast you should try:

‘30 for 30’,‚Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.’,‘Crime in Sports’,‘Against the Rules with Michael Lewis’,‘The Bill Simmons Podcast’

what you probably really miss is to travel, don’t you? Here are some awesome travel podcasts:

Flight of Fancy, The Budget-Minded Traveler, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living, Women Who Travel

What should I Cook?

Make a great YouTube recipe reality and create a meal to be proud of. It’s a good idea to stock up on pasta, rice, canned vegetables, and spices so that more recipes are within reach. You have to check Jil Schrödel awesome vegan’s recipes for the whole day! Living vegan is something you should definitely try right now! Here is our article about cooking vegan

We had to spend last weeks in Milan, Italy. After the corona break-out we had to leave Milan earlier than we planned. We took one of the last planes from Italy to Germany. You might like to watch our Italy-Vlog on YouTube:

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