For the most of us, it seems like every square inch of planet Earth has already been discovered, observed and thoroughly analyzed. But there are many places around the world that remain largely uncharted and full of mystery. Here are some of the most mysterious lost worlds on our planet just waiting to be explored.

Melville Range, Australia

In 2013, this amazing remote rainforest in Australia was discovered by scientists. It is located on a giant boulder plateau on Cape York Peninsula and is only accessible by helicopter.

Palawan Highlands, Philipines

Botanists were exploring a remote area of Palawan Islands when they discovered a carnivorous plant at the top of Mount Victoria and Mount Sagpaw.


The hungry flower is so large it feeds on rodents and even small monkeys. Other mysterious forms of life were also discovered here, and have yet to be identified.


Sin Doong Cave, Vietnam

This expansive cave remains largely undiscovered. Locals knew about the Son Doon Cave for a long time but stayed far away in fear of the loud sounds and roars that echoed from it. The first time ever the cave was partially explored was in 2009. Turns out, it’s the biggest cave ever discovered.
It really impressive, but the cave is so bit it has own inner forest, expensive rivers, and its own weather system.

Sima Humboldt & Sima Martel, Venezuela

Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel are two giant sinkholes located at the top of an 11,500-foot mountain in Venezuela. Originally discovered in 1961. It is so massive it has its own ecosystem at the bottom. According to local legend, the sinkhole is a mysterious and evil place.


Mount Roraima, Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana

2.2 million years ago this massive mountain formed on the border of Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela. The most intriguing part of the mountain is the large plateau at the very tip top, 9.000-feet up in the clouds where it rains nearly every day. the sheer height of the plateau has inspired writers, explorers, and many others throughout history.







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