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We give our community a chance to get to know one of the biggest US Photographers. We were finally able to pick his brain and get a glimpse into his incredible experiences.

Brandon shares his personal experience of being a photographer in the US Music Industry and working with the biggest names in this world.


My name is Brandon Dull and I am a music photographer. I most recently just got off shooting the Migos x Drake tour.


do you have any specific goals for your videography/photography?

I’d say a goal of mine is to get on a worldwide tour. I’ve never gotten to shoot overseas.


is there someone you desire to work with in the future?

I want to continue working with Migos.



how would you describe your style?

My style of taking photos is very natural and candid. I like to catch the artist in the moment.


what advice would you give for finding your personal style?

Edit daily. Even when you have no projects booked, keep editing.

how would you describe the music industry?

The music industry is very savage. It takes a lot of losses to get a win. I think back to all the stuff I have gone through, it made me appreciate projects with the right business behind it.


what was your best/worst tour experience?

My favorite part is traveling on the bus and editing content from the night before. There isn’t the worst experience on tour when you’re living the dream!

what was the best show you were part of?

Every night was a movie on the Migos and Drake tour!



do you feel pressure?

Only from myself. I want to do better each time I shoot.

is there something you have learned while working with all those big names from the music industry?

Consistency and fast turn-around on edits are key.


do you have a favorite photo? What’s your favorite shot a project which meant a lot to you?

I really can’t pick a favorite but coming off this tour I feel like my photos are getting in higher placements.

who is the most inspiring person /artist you know and why?

One of the most inspiring people I know is Yo Gotti because he took me on my very first tour in 2013. I learned a lot just being around him and about touring. When the arena tour with Migos and Drake came long I knew how to grind through the night and keep the content flowing.


goals for 2019?

My ultimate goal is tour 365 days a year and every year. Continue the content with Migos and tour more


Drake shared @brandondull work on his Instagram profile at 10. December 2018 after a few days it hit over 1,000,000 likes! Congratulations Brandon! Can’t wait to see more of your work in the future. Click here to see Drake’s post on Instagram.


– Brandon Dull exlusive for THE PERSPECTVE


Check out Brandons social channels for more. INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | WEBSITE



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