Morning run

I’d been in Sri Lanka once before. More specifically in Mirissa ( where this photograph is taken). That time around I hadn’t seen this spot. As I was planning my return trip, scrolling through Instagram I found an image of this place. And I saw it was location tagged in Mirissa. I wondered and wondered where this spot could be located. I decided to write to the photographer of the image that I had found on Instagram and he was kind enough to share the direction. He told me to go past the main beach, to the west. Keep going and after about 30 minutes walk you will find the place.

With this newly gathered information, I rounded up my crew one morning and told them we were going for a run. We went down to the main beach and kept going as instructed. It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear and the sun was shining down on us. With a slight breeze of tropical hot air, the waves calmly hitting the white sand beside us as we ran. 6 Swedish men wet from the sweat running down the beach. Me with my camera in hand.

As we made it to the spot it was as I had imagined it. Beautiful. It’s always more beautiful in reality. My biggest goal is to try to capture part of that beauty with the camera. Hopefully, I did. I guess that’s for the viewer to decide.

Oliver Sjöström (@ollivves)

Learn more about Oliver in our Featured artist post here. 

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